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13 Nov

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outside the box (audio)

10 Sep


4 Sep
3 Sep

A fool I am wandering for want
Dose such wait define me 
A wait that is like a reflection looking back
Telling me I am worthless 
Not measured by virtue or sovereignty
but measured by my baby wants confined to a pram
God forgive, for I have no virtues left but your forgiveness
so please forgive me 
for I could have done so much, but I did not
So I am left with a verse 
That will mark my passing 
I loved without knowing what love was

The Artist Taxi

16 Aug

Frankie Freedom

6 Aug


17 Jul

The wind blows
water flows
The sun shines
the thought thinks how to harness such
to use what is free for free
does that mean we can be

free from the greedy and they must have
free from that need of oil and gas
free from the fossil
free from the fuel the combustion engine that outdated tool

free from the never-ending energy war
nature free from that corporate claw
free from the economic collective lie
that freedom is owned until you die

free from the lie that hides the truth
that energy is free and can be but this does not apply to you or me
I wonder what the reason be

I mean, imagine a world without that need
defined by natures right to breathe
a world free from our energy frustrations
a future found for the next generation


a home generating its own power
for sure a nation of these a new independence would flower
with cars running on nothing but air no longer tied to that moral despair


the unity it would create the step we all would take into world never known but now found


that independent enlightened society

I can’t. I have tried, but I cant
for I am chained to the treadmill of energy need

maybe this is the reason why energy is not free …….

interview with Eric Dollard

“I” don’t need

2 Jul

A school where no voice be heard
that thinks free outside the herd

what fear worse than this can be said
fear of a childs free thought and head

where would we be living for this to be
perhaps a corporate owned autocracy
but with pen and paper, free mind in hand
let’s think  free from such domination

but teacher can not have that you see
so back in line if you please
back to your desk for some state education
beneath that flag of our “free nation”

the young radical in the corner please
you must write a hundred lines.
“I must not think free’
‘I must not think free’
‘I must not think free”
the hypocrisy of this must be seen

for a child’s free mind should not be owned
it’s the seeds of love that should be sewn
in a place with a family way
where a child’s free thoughts have a place to play

but if that child has within their heart
something they need to shout out loud
I feel we should all stop and listen
and a microphone should be given

to hear that voice above the crowd
standing tall , make mum proud

for it is the most precious thing
to watch that child learn to sing

reminding us of that which we seem now not to know
it’s not the child that needs changing
it’s the indoctrination, that’s  got to go .

A penny from heaven

28 Oct

Dear Mr Banker

I am writing this letter
to make something apparent that you seem not to know
It’s in regards to this delusion that you supposed
this fiction of debt that has been created by you
to now have the many owned by the few
for its ashes to ashes and dust to dust
not something from nothing
that’s based on your trust

so Mr banker I hope you realize
It’s nothing personal but I do despise
this deception you’ve played on all humankind
for our trust you betrayed us
to this crisis we’re in

but Mr banker I have a solution to propose
to settle this debt about this fiction owed
I have a penny that fell from the sky
it’s a penny from heaven to end this lie

this penny from heaven I pass on to you
Now let me tell you what this penny can do

it can end all the suffering the envy the hate
end all the wars and the fake debate
end all the hungry the homeless the lost
and for you Mr Banker there will be no cost

for all the debts shall be paid, paid in full
with this penny from heaven
which I now give to you

but Mr Banker you may think me absurd
for what I am suggesting is quite unheard
“this is meaningless, fictitious it has no value”
I’m sorry Mr Banker are you telling me that I cannot do, what you do

a fiction for a fiction sounds like a fair exchange to me
the only difference now being is we are no longer bonded to slavery

so I am sorry Mr Banker this payment stands
all the debts have been paid with what is now within your hand

but don’t be sad
for if your wondering what you have gained from our little transaction…

you have gained the world and everything in it
for if the truth be told
you are in a prison much the same as me
but not anymore Mr Banker
not any more
for where we stand now

is the land of the free ….. . . . .