20 Jan


Do you not feel what follows
do you not feel
that consequence of choice
chasing you down
no matter where you turn
you cant hide
so stop thinking your hidden
reality sees don’t you know

Cause and effect, is the judgement placed
seeing through those bonds that bind
the ones you swear fealty too
you cultural obedient little boy

Now dose it hurt to point that finger so deep
down through the status quo of conformity
down to a space where a conscience should be
free from those indoctrinated lies

Down to where the pain hurts the most
poking that lump of raw flesh
to a place you pretend not to know
for fear you maybe filled with regret

For it’s not the world and all its horrors that scares you
albeit now that just an excuse
what scares you is the reckoning of worth
which comes with acknowledging the truth

so if I may pretend a word of advice
when you wake up on the morrow 
with a reflection in your eyes
make sure that what you see is full of love and life

with conscience
with courage
with care
with truth

Let the wind horses of enlightenment be a guide for you 

For to live with out such is one thing
but to die without it
is to truly be dead
and I’m not using the word “dead” lightly here
you do realize that, don’t you’

The End.


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