30 Dec




The One is captured in a linear picture frame
for what must have a beginning
apparently must have a end
so let’s forget the God within
and dine upon our labeled self
for a while

I am this and this is that
a never ending game of ping pong
caught in a duality trap
where there is no victory apparent

It can not just be me that sees
those scurrying in this want and need
tied to their registered keeper
‘The Bank, break free’
for the war proceeds
and to what end ?

The collective psychosis
of collateral damage placed upon the innate
“it’s nothing to do with me
for I have outsourced my responsibility
to those that own the rule
that rule we all adhere too
i.e, the government
my conscience is clear”
but some would say absent.

‘Bang’ there goes another
as one suffers all suffer
and we are suffering, make no doubt
but dose not the same apply to the word ‘Liberate
as one liberates all liberate
a resolution in its self

and what greater resolve can one be, to care
to give a part of oneself to liberate another
what greater resolve can one be
to take back that rule that we all adhere too
and right the wrong
what greater resolve can one be to acknowledge the God within

and what then

what then

might the One become

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