I crime

3 Dec



Whose name upon these crimes
is it yours or is it mine
what part do we play in such.
for this price of flesh and blood dose not seem to effect us much
silent that we are

who is responsible for this crime of war
is it that fathers lost son
or is it the monies that supports such an act
this price paid for false freedoms
this madness of “sane men”
who have lost sanities reason.

these same men who care little for tears that have falling
for the brothers
the sisters
the mothers
the fathers
the sons
the daughters
upon the land soaked
makes a stain which dose not wash
so silent the children !

by what right dose one take the life of another
by what right dose one use another to take life
there is no right to such, only the choice to do so
then to live with such
and let us not forget
to die with such also

this crime presented should be called an ‘I crime’
for the I that dose not care
for the I that is unaware
for the I that says
“it’s the price that’s paid for freedoms glory”
for the I that says
“over there it’s the same old story”
for the I that says
“what can I do”
that one sounds like me
which I are you …. ?

but maybe there is an I out there
that can rise and stand
and right the wrongs
in this tear soaked land
this I is not me
is it you ?
maybe it’s a “we” that’s needed to see this madness,

through …..

all wars are bankers wars

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