17 Jul

The wind blows
water flows
The sun shines
the thought thinks how to harness such
to use what is free for free
does that mean we can be

free from the greedy and they must have
free from that need of oil and gas
free from the fossil
free from the fuel the combustion engine that outdated tool

free from the never-ending energy war
nature free from that corporate claw
free from the economic collective lie
that freedom is owned until you die

free from the lie that hides the truth
that energy is free and can be but this does not apply to you or me
I wonder what the reason be

I mean, imagine a world without that need
defined by natures right to breathe
a world free from our energy frustrations
a future found for the next generation


a home generating its own power
for sure a nation of these a new independence would flower
with cars running on nothing but air no longer tied to that moral despair


the unity it would create the step we all would take into world never known but now found


that independent enlightened society

I can’t. I have tried, but I cant
for I am chained to the treadmill of energy need

maybe this is the reason why energy is not free …….

interview with Eric Dollard

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