28 Jul

rep 2

There’s a black wall rising across this land
to place its mark upon all that there is
this mechanic with no face but one eye watching that’s bound by no natural law

the dove of peace surrounded by mantras of false freedoms
this cage upon self
this liberty sealed
this dance of depravity the apathy to such truths
marks the day with a t.v scream

the children play in an autumn song
waiting upon a winters dawn
eyes welling with with the sadness of fall
tears tumble for a future owed
this price we pay to a cup never full

for what need bleed for our Hereward to wake
what breath taken
what future not owed that has not been given
what has not already been done, that waits

but our Hereward sleeps amongst toys and trinket’s the I dose not need
paying homage to a face on a screen
this delusion projected is called being free

freedom for what
freedom for who
freedom too not to pay attention

freedom for those to propagate endless war for corporate gain
freedom for those to divide a nation no longer sane
freedom for those to own the all that you are and will ever be
this dose not sound like freedom to me

the face in the mirror looks back

where are you
what need happen for you to appear

must bombs fall
must nations bleed
must corruption breed

must deception rule
for we are already there
and I cannot see you at all

wake’ i think the answer be

wake’ for you have been sorely missed

wake’ my sweet Hereward


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