13 May


Tears run black upon burned flesh
her screams not heard upon the ears of the deaf
the bats crack hard on bone and head

what cause
what care
these long knives return
what goal
fear as a means of control

for those who fear “are”

is that black hand upon you now

to deny the truth of this crime
is to be an accomplice to it
to acknowledge it
then do something about it
is courageous

to acknowledge that we are supporting such
by relinquishing our sovereign power
to those who would support such an act
this unelected state of horror

a horror that was once fought
for liberty must stand
liberty that our ancestors bled for
to insure our sovereign hand

but now we sanction this balaclavered face and base ball bat
in this union of the dammed

so what is left for the I to do
ignore this horror
agree with the status quo

forget those who died
for they freedom
for they  expression
for they voice
or is it time for the I to fight

for what these long knives fear the most
is the power of one
the power of you
to say no

to acknowledge the truth of this crime
then do something about it
is to be courageous
‘be courageous’
right this wrong, now …. .

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