31 Dec

then the fire came with no warning hidden by you desire to feel its warmth
one could not wish for no more but to master such fury
to master such peace
to master such madness
but in the realms of such things
madness is the path you must follow
the teacher you must master
you must not be fearful
for fear to become your follower
you must not be brave
for bravery is to beget your wrath
you must have destiny
in your stride
and faith in your being
you must follow it to its end
if not its meaning
and as you stand at such a gate
your heart loses the fear of the step it shall take
in understanding the courage in a tear
the gate opens
the roll of thunder across vast skies
the swallows wing cuts the waters edge at sunrise
there is no measure for such things …..

but truth and lies.

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