brand new day

31 Dec

This blind empty verse of night
in which we stand
that has no song to sing
but the hunger of empty hands

this blackness where there is no care apparent
this hollow vessel that knows no real
but the need for what is not
this place where a brothers blood is shed
by a brothers hand for such

stop my friend and hear
stop my friend and see
stop my friend and feel
In a place where denial cannot be

this black hour just before the dawn
this empty prison in which we stand
open thine eye and see my friend
for the solution is in a giving hand

tear down these walls of fear and doubt
for a free world within, without
and wake

wake to the whole that we are
wake to the whole that’s in your heart
wake to who the why, the what we can be
and rise,
to be
a world family

this brand new day
this breaking dawn
this sunrise
for us all

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