my fickle queen

26 Dec


what grace upon us

when free market becomes corporate owned
for then the sovereign nation is sure to be sold
and the people bound to such

their virtue bled upon the floors of vanity
with banners bound to those of ill wit
labelling a nation that once was
to the pride of a people lost

how these carrion mock the honesty of men
warriors bones lay upon the fields of freedom
not measured but picked clean at no cost to them
this price we pay with our nation lost

let liberties fight be met again
upon the vanities of these false men

what say you brother
what say you sister

shall this debt be paid
from vengeance purse
after you realize such

for as fickle as she is
she must be had
If not for a souls reprieve
for the lesson that must be taught
for those who make foul jest
with the honesty of men, it must be so
for her hand be they fairest judge .

how else are we to be free from this possession.


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