outside the box

7 Dec


Are we comfy
is everything fine
upon that chair
are we watching
are we aware
of the situation my friend
as we stare

the flickering screen
mind numbing
social programming

are we aware
of the reality show
that we are in
are we comfy sitting
is that what we are thinking
then ask yourself this ‘ friend
do we have a objective opinion
following that flickering

why think
when we don’t need too
for it thinks for you
by controlling how you identify
programming that subjective lie
it’s called, entertainment in disguise

inducing that alpha state
Closing the door on any rational debate
it’s how the state dose sedate

the whole of a population
by manipulating information
with any given situation

then give the I
fear of being ostracized
if they think outside the lie
an alternative opinion cannot survive

inside the box

it’s hard for the I to decide

where is the truth
where is the choice

the truth is
there is no choice
but one
it’s outside the box
let’s see what’s on

It’s the how to free your mind show
on solution t.v
it’s for you by you
and guess what
your in it too
now this is what you have to do

lets see
how to be free
step one
turn off the t.v

aware of the situation
that we’re are in
that media manipulation
that smile of spin

do not be told
Who, what, when, or why
Seek the truth for yourself
that can’t be denied

Step 2

with the whole
the real
the self with a brand new goal
that all media should be independent and free
not owned by some corporate oligarchy

Step 3

Now, get up, get up, get up,from that comfy chair
that chair that’s tied to your despair
now open that window big and wide
and throw that t.v far outside

for with that t.v gone
and the program lost

now at last
to be


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