“magic man”

27 Nov

The iron gates opened
as he faced the bitter road beyond,beyond
as fear rose in his heart
courage took the step
as he moved forward
the Devil wept

What was waiting he could feel
but he must go forward for loves sake
a broken heart you cannot break
a modest man you cannot take

For love was his courage
so enter he did
with his heart uncoverd
which he had not hid

Into Hell in all its vastness
waiting was the empty darkness
In all its void empty and hollow
a hungry mouth waiting to swallow

upon his shoulder hung a harp
this harp was his sword
that he had sharpened well
he walk the bitter road
Now time will tell

His feet became worn
he stop now knowing
a road could not end
that was forever flowing

he turned

the gate still within his vision
despair now clawing at his heart
hope and terror beating together
but still far apart

he sat amongst his blood tattered self
the darkness surrounding him like barb wire mesh
gnawing tearing clawing at that boundary
we call flesh

he unsheathed his sword

His gentle hand untouched
by the bitter road
his fingertips touch by star light
a modest man begins to fight

A cord he plucked
and as he struck
a butterfly flew
from his touch

Smiling at the darkness

The notes he played were from his heart
his fingers wondering upon heavens craft
to fill this void with the above worlds soul
and his story was yet to be told

he sang his song

As he sang
stars appeared
splashing themselves across the emptiness

This the song he sung

oh sing for me oh nighting gale
as you glide amoungst the clouds at night
with the stars at your tale
my dreams in chase
the sun asleep
the sense of you makes me weep

to look but not to see
to listen but not to hear
to touch but not to feel

lost I be in the company of me
oh sing for me oh nighting gale

The sun rose
giving the horizon its glory
mountains and valleys shone back with the life that appeared
birds song accompanied the mans magic
as their sung together

Their hello to the sun
their farewell to stars
he now sat in flowers
bathed in lush grass

No more bitter road

A tiger came and rolled playfully next to the man
the man stop playing
his hope
his terror
now exchanged for knowing

He stood
the battle now won
he sheathed his sword
conquering all the Devils hordes

then through the gate he turned to face
a happy tiger in a playful place

She was amused by a butterfly sitting upon her nose
he smiled at the tiger, a knowing smile
and now
the iron gates are closed

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