two sides of the same wall

1 Nov

Roll up roll up for the greatest show on earth
this show is not free
not for you and me
the price that’s paid is called liberty

this deception trap
this double act

this illusion of choice
make believe you have a voice

it’s called Hegelian dialectic
if you don’t know
it’s what the ruling class always use
to keep the population comatose

two sides of the same wall
built upon the lost liberty’s of us all
that’s something they don’t want you to know
but don’t worry, let’s get back to the show

“i can bomb everything better than you”

“no you can’t”

“yes I can”

“no you can’t”

“yes I can”

“no you can’t”

“yes we can, yes we can, yes we can”

I believe we’ve heard that before
something about change
and that we can do more

to this we must agree, “not”
for a change is needed
for a future that’s free

so say no to this mockery of democracy
this deception staged
find your free mind
the key to this cage

for democracy is not about mob rule
to set up a face to rule us all
it’s the right of choice
in the matter at hand
to find our free voice
then decide as a whole
who, what, and when we can

So have that debate with your fellow-man
realize the truth and your right to stand
to find our way forward, forward and free
over a land where independence can be

so rise above that wall and that fake debate
organize liberate
create a structure to build a free state

a place, where Punch and Judy cannot survive
for their strings are cut
means no more lies

and then with our free mind found
that sledge-hammer comes crashing down
down upon that two-faced wall
realize the lie that had us fooled

and feel the truth inside RISE
breaking free from all those lies
the truth of a humankind no longer bound
means a world with, our freedom

“our freedom”



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