24 Oct

wakey wakey up out of your bed
draw those curtains clear your head
the time has come to free your mind
open that window let light shine

here comes the light to show the way
no truth be hidden where the lie cant stay
the time has come to wake from that media lie
that draws those curtains to cover thine eye

the time has come to say no to this state of control
don’t be a brick in that that black wall
the time has come to end this show of media sorrow
turn off the propaganda of a dread tomorrow

for how you identify with some thing
is relative to how you acknowledge it
just because it’s on the t.v
dose not mean that’s the way it is

you can call this a conspiracy theory
or pay attention to the logical facts
united nations means no nation, but one corporation
dedicated to a one world tax

so just to make this clear
we are not talking about one person here
were talking about humanity as a whole
if we don’t wake to freedom soon
we could wake to humanity sold

so rise and shine free your mind
humankind needs you ” man “
I hear that question ,but  what to do ?
‘but don’t worry cos here’s the plan’

first we choose not to identify with the lie
that state of ownership we’ve been placed
we identify with the beautiful fact
one family, one world, one open space

in this space
the beautiful fact cannot be denied
it’s a sunrise realized
where no lie can survive

this is not a revolution
only a realization seen
one people , one planet , one sky
we have always and forever been

and now realized that independent I
that identifies with that whole
free from those boundaries of ownership
that’s been placed upon the soul

a realized independent I
in that beautiful fact
your nations not for sell now
and you need to take it back

so choose that sunrise inside
the light that shows the way
say goodbye to that owner now
for humanities rise starts today

‘oh yeah by the way’

too those of you who choose the luxuries
of a padded incarceration
let it be known
that the truth cannot be had within four walls
and one cannot hide from the inevitability of liberation.

u.n agenda 21

free your mind

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