the nobel lie price

15 Oct

war is peace,freedom is slavery,ignorance is strength

were words once said
written in a fiction about a society bled

bled was the truth of a human whole
bled was the rights of free individual

where the love of a nation free and independent
is now the love for the owner who’s face is absent

where money becomes the value of debt
where credit is marked with state ownership

where the free market becomes the right to be owned
and love for the state are the seeds that are sewn

where the free thinker is now a criminal mind
for its the corporate law that owns humankind

where the police are the corporates tool
in a watched society, the prison for all

some say what is fiction, but a reflection of fact
making the case to wonder were we’re at

but if this fiction, this fiction was true
I think the place we was living

would be called the E.U

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