11 Oct


that falling angel

falling through  a silent sky
catch him if you can

that drones a flying now
destination blood and sand

upon that innocent making a living
upon their fathers land

from that executive order given
signed by the presidents hand

the spider in a web of whispers
weaving a web of deceit

where truth has become the lie to believe in
and freedom is now obsolete

this deception staged on a sovereign land
where collateral damage is an innocent man

who answers for this crime ?

catch that angle falling
before the end of time

the judge and jury are sofa sitting
only a care away
comfy not seeing
believing what the papers say

there’s no fear outside their window
And everything is fine
What they think is freedom
Is global corporate crime

what if fear was upon their window
fear from that drone strike
deliberations would be over then
with a judgement as quick as you like

with liberty’s  lost and freedom owned
we may soon to wake in the land of the drone

for time is passing
but it’s not too late
for our opinion will matter not in a totalitarian state

so catch this Angel falling
catch him if you can

stop this Angel falling
stretch out with liberty’s hand

for if that Angel be fallen
If he falls apon mortal man

we will have to lock your windows tightly then
for the Devil will walk the land.

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