borderline to freedom

7 Oct

The controversy of
the I and the state
can often become quite irate

for the question found
is are we free
or is it
how free are we aloud to be

to accept the ownership
of a corporate crown
and forsake our freedom
is a question found

this matter at hand
lies with the I
to be yes or no
to this corporate tie

but be wary

for if you say yes
to a corrupt salvation
you may wake
with your freedom taken

but those who stand
realize the I
and feel the warrior
rise inside

to know the self
and who we are
that humankind
come so far

there is no boundary to freedom
for the shores of liberty cannot be possessed
to know this you must walk upon them
and always past the owners test

but if the truth be told
there is no state
to freedoms whole

but within that whole stands that I
with a choice ..

the lew rockwell show

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