the power of art

3 Oct

a picture paints more than words can say
to bring wonder to ones day

the art to bring all together
to communicate from one to another

for in art a community is bound
for a new discussion to be found

to look apon the hand of the present
with a question to cause dissent

but the gallery of life dose contain
the mischief of those who have no shame

but then the brush becomes the light
to light the way to clear ones sight

for all art has this power
to tumble down deceptions tower

to right a wrong with a painters song
to show the truth so the lie be gone

and we all have this itch to scratch
to see the truth, the power to act

so find a wall big and white
and get your paint brush ready to fight

get some black paint so all can see
and write in big words

‘I’m with the free’

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