the truth is

1 Oct

Deception needs no action but a smile
truth needs no action at all but the act of those to accept it

but the truth be fickle  in a nation fooled where the smile of smiles  is accepted

the lie stream thinks itself supreme
but only to those devoted

the power it has, is over a captive mind
a free mind could never accept it

so no matter the lie the truth be seen
but for the act of those to see it

but when the truth  apparent it cannot be denied
even for those who won’t believe it

as ever the only choice to be made is what to do about it

you can sit down tune in and do some more screen worship

or you can turn it off to a silent sound
breathe deep and look around
take that truth and shout out loud

“I’m as mad as hell and I’m gonna do something about it”.-

the scott horten radio show

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